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  • Have a preschool going to kinder or 1st Grade yet? You might have a few of these questions!

    school fair picHave a preschool going to kinder or 1st Grade yet? You might have a few of these questions

    1. What is the typical timeline for private school admissions? For example, outline a sample timetable of applications, interviews, decisions, etc

    2. What is the typical process admissions officers go through to evaluate applications?

    3. Transitioning from preschool into first grade: what tips could you give parents to make a smooth transition?

    4. What are common mistakes or assumptions parents and/or their children make when entering elementary school?

    5. How should parents go about determining the culture of a private school, and whether it would be a good fit for their children?

    6. How important are standardized test scores when admissions decisions are being made?

    7. What are the most important things parents need to have well represented about themselves when meeting with admissions officers?

    8. How does networking and having in-school connections affect one’s chances of admission?

    These and so many other topics will be covered at our Session I as part of the Miami Annual Schools Fair & Conference. Sign up to attend!



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