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    “The great motherhood friendships are the ones in which two women can admit [how difficult mothering is] quietly to each other, over cups of tea at a table sticky with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops.” ― Anna Quindlen

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  • Most Recommended Summer Camp Programs 2016!

    Palmera SC


    After researching over 300 summer programs in Miami we came up to our own list of 22 Most Recommended Summer Camp Programs 2016! Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Remember we do still have a few summer tote bags available at our office, contact us at info@bkbmoms.com for details.

    Nature & Exploration

    • Sports & Movement
    • Hurricane Aquatics @ UM: This celebrated day camp, based at the beautiful outdoor pool at the Whitten University Center on the Coral Gables campus, provides instruction in the areas of swimming in a group setting, springboard diving, and stroke technique. To participate in Swim Camp, each camper must be 7 years old and able to swim 25yds of Free Style.recomended

    Most Legendary

    • Miami Country Day School Summer Camp Programs: Camp offerings include; Day Camp, Basketball Camp, Soccer Camp, COEP Treks, Aquatics, Summer Studies and many more. Ages: 3 years old and up – Dates:  Cost: Contact: 305.779.7350 top 10recomended

    Girls-Only Summer Camps

    • Carrollton Summer Program for Girls: Girls from all over the world enjoy artistic, athletic and educational experiences while creating new friendships and wonderful memories. Four different options: STEM Camp (Grades 5-8), Around the World Camp (PK3-6), Academic Super Camp (Grades 3-6), Summer Sports Camp. Contact: 305.446.5663, ext. 2340 recomended

    School-Based Summer Camps

    • St. Thomas: Several incredible programs for every child’s enjoyment.  STEPS summer camp programs are staffed by qualified and experienced teachers whose reassuring attitudes encourage creativity and exploration. Ages: 3 through rising 5th grade Cost: ($250 – $380 depending on focus) Contact: 305.665.4851top 10recomended
    • Key Point Academy´s Summer Activities: Camp is designed to foster each child’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Preschool students learn through guided investigations, interactive movement games, music, and art activities. Program also includes outdoor science exploration, guest performers, special projects and activities such as splash days and sports. Brickell and Coral Gables locations!recomended
    • La Prima CasaEach session will be inspired by a theme and all activities, guest speakers, shows and field trips will relate to that theme. recomended

    Budget Friendliest

    • Sunshine Summer Camp:  A Private Camp for Girls & Boys Ages 3 – 13. This program grants children the opportunity to grow spiritually in a Christian environment and promote physical development. A 9-week program (June 13th and continue through August 12th, 2016). Sunshine Summer Camp is independently owned and operated and is not affiliated with nor associated with Sts. Peter & Paul School and or Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church.recomended

    Indoor/Outdoor Combined Fun

    • Alexander Montessori Camp: Camp provides activities geared to the child’s age, developing and encouraging them individually. They alternate between indoor and outdoor events. Ages:  18 months to 12 years old – Dates: June 13-August 19- ($205-$275 – Prices vary according to program). Contact: 305.665.6274 top 10recomended

    Science, Education & Fun

    • Zaniac Learning: Zaniac’s mission is to prepare the next generation of critical thinkers, makers, doers and empower them to become innovators, creators and build their confidence.  Different programs that include Computer Programming/coding,  LEGO® Robotics, 3D Printing, Fashion Design, Tinkering and different variations of Minecraft™ – Ages 5-15 years old  Dates: May 31st – August 22nd- ($599/week). Contact: 305.668.0605 top 10recomended
    • Nutty Scientists CampsNutty Scientists® Miami Camps:An innovative form of “edutainment” (entertainment + education). Combining fun with learning, each camp contains an educational theme that keeps children engaged from day to day. One new theme is learned each day, and all activities are related to this theme, therefore children stay focused on one subject solidifying the concept.recomended
    • MCM Explorers @ Miami Children’s Museum: This summer explore the cultures of the world and the roles that sports and art play in places like Greece, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, New Zealand and more! Each week campers, discover new sport and explore the countries in which it is most popular.  $198 members/$220 non-members.recomendedtop 10
    • VS Brain CampThrough interactive and fun games, brain programs, and specific interventions, children will improve their language, math, and behavioral skills necessary for learning. Neuropsychology and positive psychology approach. Dedicated to children who need to improve their academic or behavioral skills. Various modalities available.recomended

    Performance, Dance & Movement

    • Camp Broadway @ Arsht Center: for theater-loving kids, ages 10-17, to develop their confidence, character and presentation skills through lessons in dance, acting, singing and ensemble performance. The week-long program will culminate in a special finale musical performance open to the public and on the Arsht Center Stage. Dates: August 8 – 12, 2016 Cost: ($750/weekly) Contact: 305.949.6722top 10recomended


    Simply Art

    •  SUMM-ART 2016 – El Atelier de Miss Paty:  Stars early!  May 30-August 26, Kids will work with clay, play dough,  color combinations, exploration and self-expression, arts and crafts, fun and field trips. $220 per week includes materials. recomended

    Parks & Recreation/Community Centers 

    Therapeutic Summer Camp

    • My Time Pediatric: Inclusive groups promoting sensory motor skills, attention, regulation, feeding, language skills. Ages (3-8 years old) – Dates: June 13-August 12 ($400/week) Contact: 305.632.3359/mytimepediatrictherapy.comtop 10recomended

    Sleep Away Summer Camp

    • Camp Guaikinima: Development of programs that combine fun with the complementary development of the child, in contact with nature, away from everyday life, living new experiences and developing new skills that will teach them valuable knowledge for their personal growth. recomended


  • Kids Yoga – Connecting on a different level

    yoga pic nicaragua

    I love to practice yoga with my kids and they love it too. Yoga provides an ideal opportunity to connect on a different level. Children are incredible conduits of energy and positivity and we can benefit from observing their intrinsic nature. Once I read that we are born extremely flexible and we loose that capacity […]

  • El arte de Comer Conscientemente

    Eat clean

    para BKB Moms / por Silvia Lyle Kundalini, Pre/Post Natal Yoga Instructor & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach La comida puede ser uno de los placeres más grandes a los que tenemos acceso la mayoría de los seres humanos. Es una de las fuentes de energía para hacer nuestras actividades y nutrirnos. Sin embargo en muchas de […]


    Imelda Limpieza Front page

    por IME LIZARRAGA/para BKB Moms ¡Listo! La primavera llegó y con ella una sensación de renovarnos, reinventarnos y liberar aquello que nos hace pesada nuestra mochila de vida. Es un buen momento para volvernos ligeros, y que mejor lugar para iniciar, que haciendo una la limpieza a fondo de nuestro hogar. Sí, ese espacio donde […]

  • Children’s Dental Health


    Did you know that February was National Children’s Dental Health Month? Each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children’s Dental Health (NCDHM) Month to promote the benefits of good oral health to communities across the country. I wonder why we as moms did not hear more about it! Anyway, I figure that regardless of […]

  • ¡Disfrutemos el espacio donde vivimos!


    por Ime Lizarraga /para BKB Moms   Les ha pasado que ¿llegan a casa y desde que van dando el primer paso empiezan a observar cada una de las cosas que quisieran cambiar, modificar, remendar o simplemente eliminar de su espacio?… Ese momento donde pareciera que todo lo que algún día nos entusiasmo adquirir, hoy […]

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