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  • App Corner – Top 5 of our Favorite Apps!

    These are just some of our favorite apps which are free and make our lives that much easier! Do you have a favorite? Share with us!

    Baby Sleep All Night!

    ibabysleepIf you have read Duermete niño this is an american version of the book in an app and it guides you in the process of helping your child learn to soothe himself/herself while trying to fall asleep. You are a new mom you will probably hate it if you are an experienced mom you will know it works and can always be used as a refresher when a new baby arrives.


    fitnesspalYou can check how healthy you are eating in MyFitnessPal. The app has nutrition information for over 1 million foods and restaurant items. It is a simple way to see your eating patterns and keep you in shape.


    Period Tracker


    One of our favorites! Period Tracker! No matter how old I am or how long it has been since I got my first period I somehow manage to forget when it is coming. The period tracker app can help you remember that!. It is also an easy way to recognize when you are late and when you are most fertile as well.

    Stylish Girl

    stilishWe love this app! If you always have a hard time finding your way through your closet to find the perfect outfit-Stylish Girl can help you. You can input the clothes you already own and mix and match it with what’s in stores. You can then go shopping and buy clothes that go with what you have.


    Intuition is Mom’s Personal Assistant- you can quickly enter your to-dos, grocery lists, ideas and appointments and display them in a way that is simple. You can even get alerts when you are near a store where you have a pending task or errand.


    Photos: Courtesy of Itunes




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