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  • 5 Late – Summer Beauty Essentials

    summer beauty essentials

     Beauty expert Molly Flynn shares with us the basics for the summer months!

    Don’t be tempted….there are too many products out there right now, making all sorts of incredible promises, but you don’t actually need them.

    Here is what you DO NEED:

    LIP-BALM with SPF:

    Lips are extremely sensitive, the skin of your lips is thin and exposure to the sun rays is constant. The only way to protect them is to use a lip-balm with SPF. Don’t just wear any lip-gloss, as the mirror effect can cause more harm than good. Check and make sure that the lip-balm or gloss you use has at least SPF 15 sunscreen.


    Ideal for Summer. You can come and go all day, from the beach to the mall,  without worrying that it will come off. Added bonus, your eye lashes get sun protection, as a coat of mascara covers them with a thin film. Don’t forget those sunglasses!


    This is my favorite. Because I wear a high SPF sunscreen, I don’t get ultra-tanned. Because I love the way my eyes pop when I have a tan, I fake it nicely with Bronzing Powder. Healthy Summer Glow in an instant. Day and night, all year round, this basic item is the absolute MUST-HAVE for beauty!


    I love this SPF that doubles as a Hair + Body sunscreen. Don’t forget if you do color your hair, you need to specially protect it from the summer rays.


    Note that I am not recommending you any specific brand, or SPF number, therefore please consult your  dermatologist, as you should have your skin’s sensitivity tested. What I personally wear is fragrance free, non-comedogenic SPF 70+.



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