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  • 3 FIT SUCCESS Principals

    Angelique Millis, Fitness Expert & Author shares with us 3 success fitness basics- whether you’ve just had a baby or have a 5 year old toddler, Angelique provides healthy tips that apply to all women alike!

    Let’s face the truth- There is no substitute for good old fashion hard work and a clean diet that will give you the body of your dreams. I am here to share with you 3 Success Principals that will help you create positive habits for LIFE and put you right on track to achieving your fitness and weight loss goals!

    Success Principal #1: Discipline- Don’t Just Dream…DO!

    Anything is attainable if you can learn how to practice discipline. Just like any success principal, you must start small to build up your tolerance levels. Whether you have a weakness for sweets or simply dread the thought of working out, the first step is discovering what is inhibiting you from your success and making daily mental notes and positive changes

    Success Principal #2: Nutrition 101

    Once you learn the power of protein, the best foods to eat and equally as important, what foods you must avoid, you will have a much clearer picture of how you can use the power of nutrition to pave your way to flat abs, defined arms and a striking physique that you will be able to maintain for life! For example, you should know the difference between “good” carbohydrates and “bad” carbohydrates. It’s actually pretty simple – stick with fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and whole grains. Another easy rule to follow: if it is white (white sugar, bread, rice, or potatoes) – it just ain’t right!

    Success Principal #3: Moderation

    Let’s face it, no one can be perfect all of the time and the key is moderation! Plan one or two meals each week where you reward yourself by indulging in your favorite “cheat” food. Whether its pasta, ice cream, or margaritas that you love, if you are “good” the majority of the week you can enjoy one or two of your favorites without the guilt!

    To learn more tips and techniques on easy and effective food planning, preparation, healthy recipes and tips, visit www.AngeliqueMillis.com



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