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  • Lorax in Brickell?

    Film Title: Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

    How to explain to our kids the removal of trees in Brickell?

    If you live in Brickell or have lately driven through Brickell, your kids have probably asked you about the cutting of the trees. Personally, I have witnessed a group of  4 year olders bringing up the Lorax movie to the explanation.

    Even tough the 1971 original children’s book written by Dr. Seuss and later Universal Pictures movie is commonly recognized as a fable concerning the danger corporate greed poses to nature, most young children relate tree cutting to a cruel anti-green action.

    How do we become informed parents and teach our kids what is right or wrong about what is happening?

    The Brickell Avenue Median Landscaping & Sidewalk Improvement project began September 3 and is anticipated to take 90 days. The project entails the redoing of the medians with 10,000 new trees, plants and shrubs. A new irrigation system will be installed, and a new sidewalk path will be constructed on both sides of the Avenue. On the east side, the sidewalk will expand to 11 feet wide which will definitely benefit moms and strollers. Furthermore, the project also entails removing approximately 75 trees to be replaced with 240 shade trees, 20 feet and higher.  Last week the project took effect and started the controversy when a few trees were removed.

    According to the City of Miami there are many reasons for removal, i.e. root structure problems, damage, funguses, storm damage, plantings too close together prohibiting proper growth, etc., and necessity loomed large and in some cases dangerous, causing the trees to be removed. To be informed about the project you can check the city of Miami’s City Capital Improvements Plan B-30288 documents.

    A number of residents however is expressing strong opposition of Capital Improvement plan B-30822 and are protesting to stop the removal of the trees until the City Council  properly presents and discusses the plan with the residents. They do not agree with the claims that most of the trees are sick and consider that many only need proper pruning, feeding or treatment.  The protesters have been meeting most days last week in the afternoon on Brickell at 1800 to get signatures to stop the removal of more trees. There is also on-going online petition to be found at change.org.

    We,  at Brickell and KB moms,  have not yet taken a position. All we know is that we definitely need further information to accept this B-30822 new project. As a mom, I need to have a right response for my 4 year old. I somehow wish Lorax would show up in Brickell and speak for the trees for “the trees have no tongues” as he says.




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