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  • Our experts at the Nest answer your questions!

    Nest_JAB Kids 300x250Are all the parenting books, blogs, opinions overwhelming you? 

    Struggling to apply all that information to your day-to-day?

    “Kids don’t come with instructions; let us help you write them.” that is what child development experts, therapist and moms at the Nest would like you to know. The emotional wellness center provides parenting as well as therapy solutions. Their mission is to enrich the lives of parents by assisting in self-discovery, fascilitating desired change, and guiding in the exploration of their roles as individuals, partners and parents.

    Brickell and KB moms has partnered with the Nest to answer questions about your kids and your day to day.  Send us your questions to info@brickellandkbmoms.com or state them underneath this posting and the experts at the Nest will respond to them here.  There will be a question of the month featured on our website.

    Let’s get started!

    The most common question heard from parents of toddlers at the Nest’s groups and talks is:

    Are tantrums part of development or a behavioral problem?

    100% natural and part of development, several studies showed that children between 2.5-4 years old have 3 major conflicts per hour with their caregiver and one minor conflict every 3 minutes.  Breath, tantrums are expected…Sorry..




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