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  • Kids Yoga – Connecting on a different level

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    I love to practice yoga with my kids and they love it too. Yoga provides an ideal opportunity to connect on a different level. Children are incredible conduits of energy and positivity and we can benefit from observing their intrinsic nature. Once I read that we are born extremely flexible and we loose that capacity as we grow older. Not only does practicing yoga help maintain the flexibility we are born with but it provides many additional benefits.

    Twenty-first century children grow up n a crazy-paced world. Like us, kids can benefit emotionally and physically from the relaxation and empowering techniques of yoga.  As Liza Lark states “Yoga is invaluable for the preschool children, providing the opportunity to develop a supple, healthy physical body while stimulating creative thinking and intellectual growth”

    Research shows that yoga controls and soothes emotions, removing anxiety through stretching and breathing, and enhances mental focus and physical performance. Moreover,  it improves self-esteem and feelings of relaxation which help children to sleep and rest.  According to Jodi Komitor leading authority on yoga for kids there are hundreds of benefits for kids to practice yoga.

    Some of the Yoga benefits include:

    • Flexibility and strength
    • Balance, stability and posie
    • Coordination and rhythm
    • A healthy toned body
    • Internal health
    • Confidence
    • Courage
    • Creativity and inspiration
    • Energy and zest for life
    • Enhances concentration, discipline and focus
    • Teaches present moment awareness
    • Cultivates a peaceful, relaxed state of mind


    Children are like a canvas, absorbing paint and colors, they imitate and learn from us. Yoga provides and ideal meeting place for mutual growth and understanding both for kids as well as adults.  I have personally witnessed how this ancient practice supports and entertains my daughter and strengthens our bond on a different level. Yoga for kids is not as common as you would think.   Fortunately, BKB Moms and Kydoo have partnered to bring yoga for kids to Brickell. Join us tomorrow September 14th at 4 pm for a free trial class.



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