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  • Schools for Brickell

    It is evident that Brickell is in need of more educational options. The growth of the Brickell area is undeniable, with residential towers being constructed on every square foot of space that remains. Residents of Brickell already suffer from having very limited educational options for their children. There is an urgency to provide appropriate school facilities for the many families currently living and moving into the “Manhattan of the South”.

    BKB Moms started the School Fair + Educational Conference three years ago because of the lack of options in the area, the need for families to move out to another school district, place their fate in the hands of a magnet/charter school lottery, pay for private school, and commute long distances every day to a faraway school.

    We are very proud to know that the Southside Elementary PTA, the only public School in Brickell has started to take steps to improve the situation and has started a petition to request improvements to this School. Southside Elementary located at 45 SW 13th Street, Miami, Florida  currently operates at over-capacity, with half of its buildings closed due to unsound structural condition. Brickell is growing exponentially, with over 7,000 new units coming online within the next 2 years. In addition, there are no Middle School options within the Brickell urban core.

    The Goals of the Petition are as follow:

    • Convert Southside from a K-5 to a K-8 Center, providing middle school grades at the same site.
    • Construct a new state-of-the-art facility featuring classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria, and more.
    • Preserve and renovate the original 1923 school building facing 13th Street

    Southside Elementary PTA will be present at our 3rd Annual School Fair + Educational Conference to take any questions in regards to this petition. If you are interested in supporting this initiative please sign now.



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