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  • 5 Tips for Nurturing Your Kids Imagination and Playtime

    by Graziella Garcia and Ana Maria Caicedo/for BKB Moms

    luna play

    Hello! We are the 2 moms behind Luna Lunera Store and the main inspiration to create our shop was the desire to make our children’s life more whimsical, with less technology and more playtime. For us adults, an always connected, on-line 24/7 life has become the norm, so it’s no surprise that our children’s lives mimics this reality. Here are a few thoughts that have helped us in our never-ending journey to nurture our kids imagination and playtime:

    Active toys create passive children.

    A toy that does anything (think lights, sounds, movement) will entertain the child; all they need to do is press a button, sit back and watch. A toy that doesn’t do anything will demand engagement from the child; to play with it they need to actively use their imaginations.

    luna play 3

    Give them time

    It is so important not to fill every moment of our child’s day with a planned activity, so they have time to follow their own interests and to be spontaneous.

    And don’t interrupt play

    Have you ever felt like your little one was ignoring you? It’s bath time and you call them 3 times, but they won’t take their eyes off from whatever they are doing? Chances are they are not ignoring you, but they are actually deeply focused on the task at hand, and every time we interrupt them we teach that their work/play is not important. Off course we need to move on with our days, bathe and feed them, but trying to be more mindful of those times will not allow them to keep exploring their creativity, it will also help them become independent players that have the power to entertain themselves.

    Give them the space

    Create spaces that sparkle their creativity, where they are free and safe to get immersed into play, and you don’t have interrupt with no’s! When creating spaces for children, remember that options are great, but too many options can actually be stressful. When faced with too many choices, instead of engaging kids may be easily distracted with the next interesting thing without ever getting deep into play mode.

    luna play 2

    And last, but not least, loose any expectations

    We can offer them the appropriate choices, but we should try not to interfere with how they choose to play with them. When you don’t suggest what an object is for, you may be amazed with that they came up. Remember, what is interesting to you, may not be interesting to them! So when choosing toys, go for open-ended ones that are not required to be played in a certain way, and let them surprise you with their creativity.

    For additional info about Luna Lunera Store, visit on instagram @lunalunerastore




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