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  • Let’s Celebrate Earth Day!

    Sunset Nicaragua by Carolina Modenessy / for BKB moms

    As a mom, I can look back and envision the world and environment that I grew up in and I can only hope to provide that same healthy and happy childhood in today’s world for my own children. But, what will the world look like when they grow up? What will happen when they have kids of their own?

    Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22nd…I cringe at the thought that most people are not aware of this special day and what is represents. To me, it represents a lifestyle and mindset that is committed to playing an active role in taking care of our homes, our community, our cities, and ultimately-our planet.

    Earth’s Day global network of advocates invite you to be a part of the local events organized in your city to learn what it means to live a life that is environmentally conscious and responsible. Here are two family friendly Earth Day events close to Brickell/Downtown area:

    4earth LionFish Derby
    Miami Seaquarium
    Saturday, April 22nd

Earth Day at the Wynwood Yard
    Saturday, April 22nd
    11am – 4pm

    Carolina Modenessy is the founder of Gently – an online children’s exchange shop that sells gently used or new children’s clothing, shoes, and products obtained from moms (on a consignment basis) and offers them for resale at a significantly reduced price. Gently’s company mission is to create a greener future for our children by inculcating a mindset of conscious shopping where reusable items don’t go to waste and end up in landfills.





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