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  • Summer time – no plans?

    32 things to do with kids in Miami

    How stressful is the end of the school year? Let me tell you how!.  Oh sure, there’s the joy of not having to drive to school or argue about homework for 10 blissful weeks; but blissful loses its luster pretty quickly in the face of, “What are we going to do today?” – particularly if you have ran out of ideas after a week of pool, beach, pool, beach, pool, beach…. We know we should have figured out summer camp by now, really we do. We have a stack of flyers for fabulous programs that are probably filled up already with kids whose parents got on this weeks ago.

    Summer vacation may be staring you in the face, but there’s no need to panic; all of the camps listed on our camp expert page will probably have availability. Some of the programs even allow families to book by the day,  for ultimate spontaneity. After all, you have to leave some time to bum around doing the fun things in our 32 things to do in Miami with kids. 



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