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  • 5 must to make a restaurant kid-friendly in our community!

    Check our Kid-Friendly Restaurant Guide in Brickell & KB and read about our 5 Criteria to make it to kid-friendly!

    1. Atmosphere-Facility:  There are several considerations when it comes to atmosphere and facility. First consider space available: To make it to kid-friendly a restaurant should count with a reasonable amount of space around the eating area. Children need space to get up, move around and so forth. Second,  proximity to danger: Consider if they restaurants’ entrance is close to the street or the tables are on the sidewalk and you will spend most of your dining experience running around to avoid danger. Third when analyzing facility is the general availability of “kid amenities” such as  stroller-friendly entrance, easy access to table with stroller, highchairs and/or booster seats,  bathrooms (location, changing table).
    2. Sound level: because your kids will probably be loud a kid-friendly restaurant is tolerant of noise. I seem to relax when I hear background music or other kids screaming next to my table!
    3. Speed: Because children tend to have shorter attention spans and are usually impatient to hunger I usually prefer a restaurant in which food to table is reasonable fast.
    4. Entertainment: I usually consider it is a great addition to the outing if  the restaurant provides some type of entertainment such as a coloring book or simply a crayon to scribble on paper tablecloth.
    5. Kid-Friendly Menu: Finally, yes, the menu does matter. I like restaurants in which they offer plastic kid’s cups, straws and a varied menu.



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