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    “The great motherhood friendships are the ones in which two women can admit [how difficult mothering is] quietly to each other, over cups of tea at a table sticky with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops.” ― Anna Quindlen

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  • The Ultimate School Guide 2014 for Brickell and Key Biscayne moms!

    Most of you will be happy to know that we have put together a list of available Preschools in the Brickell & Key Biscayne communities. We have also gone an extra mile and researched different preschools to allow you to make better decisions. For moms with older kiddos, we are including a list of schools (most of which are unfortunately not physically located in our community!) Visit their websites or call them to schedule your visit, most of the schools are having open house dates in December and January!

    Most experts agree that  you should  think about choosing a school the same way you would think about finding a new job or a new pediatrician for your child. In either situation you would expect to invest lots of time and energy in making the right decision. You would ask around, go on interviews, and seek the advice of others. The same goes for preschools and schools. The intention on this guide is to help you through that process. Even though we have made every effort to give you all the info available and have added a few facts about some of the schools, particularly the Brickell community. (Key Biscayne is soon coming!) we encourage every mom, first time moms as well as experienced moms to share their views and experiences on school selection via facebook.

    Let’s start! Most of you will probably based your decision on cost, distance from your home or work, environment, cleanliness, teacher to student ratio, staff turnover, and other basic factors.

    But that’s not all. One thing I think is very important is finding out the school’s philosophy on educating children. The fundamental principle they subscribe to may be traditional or a hybrid; it may follow the teachings and ideas of Jean Piagét, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, Reggio Emilia, etc. Whatever its leanings, it’s important that the preschools/schools have a plan in mind for how to teach and care for its students, and that you agree with the general drift of its philosophy.

    Furthermore and according to our educational contributor and expert, Valeria Fontanals, it is also crucial to consider if the school is offering the tools to prepare your child for his or her future. Please read her article below and consider all those aspects when making your decision.

    Finally and most important, my recommendation to you as a mom would be – trust your instincts!. A school may boast new books and toys, have wonderful new classrooms, meet your budget, but if it doesn’t feel right then it isn’t. It’s essential that you feel comfortable with the school’s director as well as the teachers.  At its best, this should be a comforting and productive partnership. Good luck!



  • Muffin top? Join us at our exclusive Sports Club LA MOM bootcamp class!

    sports club LA

    There are so many reasons for us moms to start thinking of a fitness routine. I will just give you 3! Loose some of that muffin top Get ready for the over-eating during holidays Start the 2014 on a healthy note That is why you should join our exclusive Sports Club LA FREE MOM-Bootcamp class […]

  • Healthy Smile Timeline: Ages 1–20

    Dr. Maria Eugenia Yazji has been treating children, adolescents and adults since 1995. She provides outstanding orthodontic care to the Brickell community and happens to be our dental healthcare expert. Please feel free to send her questions about your dental health, your kids or the family in general. She will be happy to respond to […]

  • You are all invited to the Ultimate Spooky Eco-Tour


    We are always thinking about our Community! That is why Brickell and KB moms in partnership with the City of Miami and CITIZENS invite your kids to the ULTIMATE SPOOKY ECO-TOUR @ SIMPSON PARK! Featuring pop-art  by Kawaii Universe! Join us this Saturday October 26th from  2 to 4 pm come and enjoy a very spooky eco tour at […]

  • Ready, Set, Go: Race for the Cure with our little ones


    Lace up those pink sneakers and get ready to Race for the Cure this Saturday at Bayfront Park for the Annual Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It all starts at 7:30 am, a bit early for a Saturday morning but such a great opportunity for us to do our part in the fight […]

  • Our experts at the Nest answer your questions!

    Nest_JAB Kids 300x250

    Are all the parenting books, blogs, opinions overwhelming you?  Struggling to apply all that information to your day-to-day? “Kids don’t come with instructions; let us help you write them.” that is what child development experts, therapist and moms at the Nest would like you to know. The emotional wellness center provides parenting as well as […]

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