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    “The great motherhood friendships are the ones in which two women can admit [how difficult mothering is] quietly to each other, over cups of tea at a table sticky with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops.” ― Anna Quindlen

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    Everything with your kids seems like a struggle, daily routine activities such as getting .....

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    Back to School means changing our Summer Schedule among other things. I personally have th.....

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    Not enough time to get dressed?  Tips on how to simplify what to wear. Make clusters!. Th.....

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    Define your own personal Style and match it with your clothing Complement your own persona.....

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  • Personalized School Essentials…

    Yes, it’s almost that time of year


    pastedGraphic-2Your precious ones are heading back to school in less than a month!

    Thinking of school anything? No worries! I have just met two wonderful moms that decided to share their spark with us. Belina and Jessica inspired by their own kids create modern and super cute personalized goodies our kids will enjoy throughout the year. What I love the most is that unlike the typical mass produced merchandise their products bring originality and feeling to everyday moments.  They have many matching designs (sweet butterflies, peace and love, astronauts, car racing, etc.) and various types of products such as Personalized Lunch Boxes, Notebooks & Journals, Waterproof Labels, Insulated Thermos, Toddler Snack Bowls, Toddler Cups, Bag Tags and more!

    They even have products for grown-ups! I love my personalized iphone case. What is even better, Spark and Spark is giving us a special discount! because they are part of our network, Brickell and KB moms can enjoy 25 % off with special code (kbk25)

    Check out their website @ SparkandSpark.com

  • Best Apps to help you stay in the Know – World Cup Special

    by Becky Miller The 2014 World Cup is everywhere when you turn on the TV, read a newspaper or even when you simply walk down the streets it’s there screaming at you through the colors of the multitude of shirts of everyone’s favorite team. But more than ever it’s on social media; with social media […]

  • How to survive Summer Vacations?


    Thanks to our friends and experts at The Nest for such a good talk on how to survive this vacation season! Let me briefly summarize 4 basics to staying sane this summer! 1 – Routine: Although we might be traveling far away and we might encounter time differences try to keep some structure. Especially true […]

  • Starting Summer off right


    Make sure your little ones learn to swim! Whether you would want your kid to learn how to swim through a more strict yet quicker method or through a friendlier methodology, one thing is for certain – learning how to swim at an early age is a necessity in Florida. Check out 10 options we […]

  • 2014 Summer Camp Guide!

  • Question of the Week – Pregunta de la Semana!

    Nuestras expertas en The Nest responden a tus preguntas: Como manejar mejor la culpa cuando uno quiere dedicarse tiempo para sí misma pero al mismo tiempo quiere ser la mejor mamá posible?  Es difícil no sentir culpabilidad cuando no estamos con nuestros hijos pero es necesario tomarse ese tiempo para recargar las pilas.  Cuando mami […]

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