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  • Quote of the week

    “The great motherhood friendships are the ones in which two women can admit [how difficult mothering is] quietly to each other, over cups of tea at a table sticky with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops.” ― Anna Quindlen

Tips & Articles
  • For those of you who have yet to hear about Milanezza!


    A wonderful, chic yet casual dining full service restaurant & bar with an original concept in Key Biscayne. Just what the island was needing, right?

    The atmosphere is striking and cool. Black & white movies playing, some steam-punk items, Victorian-style outfits for the gentlemen among other interesting deco. A combination of the inspiration by the Vaudeville époque and fresh great tasting homemade food created this original ambiance and theme dedicated to a classical and traditional dish served in a warm, soothing family atmosphere.  The restaurant offers an international menu and  more than 15 combinations of Milanezzas (Milanesa is a slice of breaded meat (beef, chicken or fish), fried or baked, covered with the essence of pizza (sauces and toppings).

    So, next time you are thinking of lunch with the family (great kids’ menu!), an island weekday lunch with girlfriends or hosting your friend’s baby shower consider this jewel. We are positive that you will thank us for revealing this best new thing!



    Milanezza ‹ 305.646.1001 | 700 Crandon Blvd

  • Brazilian Corner: O Português como Língua de Herança

    Questões iniciais Por Ivian Destro Boruchowski Uma língua de herança é aquela utilizada com restrições (limitada a um grupo social ou ao ambiente familiar) e que convive com outra(s) língua(s) que circula(m) em outros setores, instituições e mídias da sociedade em que se vive. Acredito que o bilinguismo infantil na situação de manutenção da língua […]

  • Starting Summer off right


    Make sure your little ones learn to swim! Whether you would want your kid to learn how to swim through a more strict yet quicker method or through a friendlier methodology, one thing is for certain – learning how to swim at an early age is a necessity in Florida. Check out 10 options we […]

  • 2014 Summer Camp + FUN Fair!


    Last Saturday May 3, Brickell and KB moms hosted the best community event to welcome and plan for the summer as a family. The 2014 Annual Summer Camp + Fun Fair, took place at the South Shore by the Bay, Mercy Campus in the Grove. The fair provided a unique space for families to gather […]

  • Why Camp at an early age? Learn what the experts think!

    by Marla Coleman! Children learn life skills that become habits of the heart. It’s tough to be a kid these days. It’s tough to be a parent. In a society where the nature of the family, the work place, and the community have changed dramatically, we can no longer assume that the natural process of […]

  • Getting ready for movie night?


    Join us tomorrow as we open Spring and the 1st Brickell Movie Night at 1814 Brickell Park! Bring your blanket to enjoy Surf’s Up. We will have some coloring activities for kids while we wait for sundown.

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