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    “The great motherhood friendships are the ones in which two women can admit [how difficult mothering is] quietly to each other, over cups of tea at a table sticky with spilled apple juice and littered with markers without tops.” ― Anna Quindlen

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  • 15 + 1 things to do before school starts

    catch a butterfly

    Summer is almost over, already? If you read any mom related media everyone is talking about back to school. Well there are exactly three weeks left before school starts for most of us in Miami. I do not know how you feel about that, but personally I am not extremely excited. It is back to scheduling, homework, projects and school meetings among other duties. Here is a list of a few things I am planning on doing with my kids before school is back. Because there is still time to enjoy!

    As you will read, my list has nothing to do with typical back to school checklists such as stocking up on healthy snacks, buying School supplies or arranging car pools among other important to-dos.

    No! I am talking about those fun things you should do before the end of summer is over! Because your kids are little only once in your lifetime! Please share with me if you have any additions to my list!

    Balloon fight

    • 1- Enjoy no scheduled activities for a day, sleep in, have late breakfast, watch cartoons in the morning and go for a family outing with no clear destination.
    • 2- Climb a tree…just because.
    • 3- Enjoy a day at the beach with no extra bags – simply swimwear, sun protection (swimming diapers and milk if you have a baby). If you all get hungry,  head over to a local diner for lunch (my new favorite lolo’s cantina in Miami Beach) – who cares if you look salty and sandy – you are a tourist anyway for the day!
    • 4- Finish my summer reading and encourage my kids to do so as well.
    • 5- Spend an afternoon volunteering at a local hospital (works the same for animal shelter, nursing home or beach cleaning)
    • 6- Have a water balloon fight.
    • 7- Invite friends over and make a slime party (do not forget food coloring!
    • 8- Go on a butterfly walk and enjoy local wildlife.
    • 9- Take a family bike ride on a kid-friendly biking trail.
    • 10- Make it a late Movie night in the middle of the week. Visit Brickell City Center and splurge on a popcorn included VIP seating.
    • 11- Head to Fresh Fruit Paradise and grab the best milkshakes in Miami while kids pet their favorite farm animals. (yes, cheating – Still pending from my things to do with the kids this summer) 
    • 12- Hop on a vintage carousel at beautiful 2-mile beach.
    • 13- Make a living room camping night on a Tuesday night.
    • 14- Let your kids go rock climbing, exploring art, taking cool pictures at hipster neighborhood Wynwood.
    • 15- Hit the ice when the weather is too hot or too rainy  at state of the art 12,885 square ft. ice skating rink in Miami!
    • This is just for us: binge watch on my favorite Netflix series on a Monday night.


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